sobota, 15 czerwca 2024

Polish matches of UEFA Euro 2024 in Bankstown Polish Club

 Hej Polonia! Get ready for some AWESOME news! OPTUS SPORT is coming to broadcast LIVE from the Polish Club this Sunday night at 11PM. We want to show our Polish pride and need YOU to join us.

Dress up in your best Polish sports gear, wave the Polish Flag, get your face painted in our colors, and cheer on our community on LIVE TELEVISION. Optus Sport will be capturing all the action, conducting interviews, and highlighting our passion for Poland in UEFA Euro 2024. So let's make some noise, spread the word, bring all your Polish pals, and let's shine on the big screen together!

The Polish Club in Bankstown will be LIVE streaming all Polish matches of UEFA Euro 2024.  

Poland vs Netherlands - Sunday 16th June at 11PM
Poland vs Austria - Saturday 22nd June at 2AM
Poland vs France - Wednesday 26th June at 2AM

Entry is FREE and FREE tickets can be ordered online at

Complimentary Tea & Coffee will be available.

Questions? Phone (02) 9708-2433 or email

The Polish Club in Bankstown

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