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Polish Film Festival Sydney 2024




POLISH FILM FESTIVAL returns this June and July to Sydney with a curated selection of new Polish films, ranging from gripping spy thrillers through­­­ captivating dramas, remarkable true stories, to entertaining comedies and something for the whole family. Full program is now on festival website and tickets are on sale.

Every year the Polish Film Festival showcases a diverse selection of inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining films, giving Australian audiences a glimpse into stories coming from a fascinating country at the geographical and cultural crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe. Year 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the Festival, originally established in Perth, and now held annually in both Sydney and Perth. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we extend a warm invitation to all to delve into the world of Polish cinema through our 2024 program. This year's lineup showcases the breadth and diversity of cinematic offerings from Poland, highlighting the world-class skills of Polish filmmakers. It promises audiences an unforgettable journey through captivating stories and compelling narratives taking place in various periods of Poland’s history. 

Opening the festival on Sunday 23 June at Palace Norton St is FEAST OF FIRE (Święto Ognia), a new film by Kinga Dębska, the director well-known for heart-warming comedy dramas like “Back Then” and “These Daughters of Mine”. It is another feel-good story, infused with a vibrant 'carpe diem' spirit. Adapted from Jakub Małecki’s novel under the same title, it seamlessly weaves together tales of hope and personal triumph of two sisters, a nonverbal 20-year-old Anastazja and promising ballet prodigy Łucja, as they confront life’s intricate challenges.

“Another feel-good movie in Kinga Dębska's repertoire that allows you to forget about the monotony of everyday lifer” — Kinoblog

The 2024 selection also includes:

Rooted in actual events of Cold War Poland DOPPELGÄNGER. THE DOUBLE (Doppelgänger. Sobotór) is a gripping psychological spy thriller unfolding on both sides of the Iron Curtain and following the intertwined lives of two men, Hans Steiner in Strasbourg and Jan Bitner in Gdańsk, living in parallel universes yet inexorably connected. Recipient of multiple film awards including Best Director (Jan Holoubek) award at the 48th Gdynia Film Festival, it keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they gradually comprehend the connections between the two characters.

“Excellent craftsmanship, superb acting, a unique vision and style!” — Vogue Poland

Winner of the esteemed Golden Lions for Best Film at the 48th Gdynia Film Festival, as well as Press Award and Youth Jury Award, SCARBORN (Kos) is an unconventional Tarantino-style action drama, infused with dark comedy and loosely drawing inspiration from historical events and the return of American Revolutionary War hero General Tadeusz ‘Kos’ Kościuszko to his homeland, where he plans an uprising against the Russians.

“Engaging, brilliantly shot action cinema that will captivate the entire audience.”  — Immersja

From the producers of Oscar-nominated hit "Corpus Christi", the critically acclaimed "The Last Family" and "Carte Blanche” comes BACKWORDS (Śubuk) by Jacek Lusiński, another powerful drama inspired by true events. It is an emotional story showcasing female strength in a mother’s relentless battle to secure the best possible future for her autistic son, ultimately leading to significant reforms of the Polish education system.

ULTIMA THULE is a remarkable minimalist feature debut by Klaudiusz Chrostowski with stellar lead performance by Jakub Gierszał. Winner of the Best Film Award in the Micro Budget Competition of the 2023 Gdynia Film Festival, it is a poignant tale of self-discovery on the remote Scottish island of Foula, where 30-year-old Bartek seeks solace from the chaos of everyday life. 

Based on the semi-biographical novel of the same name by Leopold Tyrmand, the story of a young Polish Jew named FILIP, who escapes the massacre of the Warsaw Ghetto and disguised as a Frenchman works at a lavish German hotel, tempting fate by indulging in forbidden romances with local women.

THE DOG WHO TRAVELLED BY TRAIN (O psie, ktory jeździł koleją), a heart-warming family tale that captured the hearts of audiences across Poland, ranking in the top three most popular Polish films in cinemas last year. Adapted to contemporary times from the renowned book by Roman Pisarski, this modern retelling follows the enchanting adventures of Lampo, a real-life dog in 1950s Italy.

CHOPIN. I AM NOT AFRAID OF DARKNESS (Chopin. Nie boję się ciemności), an inspiring documentary following three outstanding pianists, Leszek Możdżer, Fares Basmadji and Jae-Yeon Won, who prepare to perform works of Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin in places where no one would expect to hear live music.

Closing the festival is THE IN-LAWS 2 (Teściowie 2), the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed smash hit comedy “The In-Laws”, where a couple’s prospective in-laws join forces to prevent them from marrying.

All films screen with English subtitles or in English.

Tickets are now on sale and full program is available at  http://www.polishfilmfestival.org/sydney

To stay up to date with Polish FF news follow on Facebook @PolishFillmFestivalSydney or Instagram and subscribe to our mailing list at https://www.polishfilmfestival.org/sydney-newsletter. 

The 2024 POLISH FILM FESTIVAL SYDNEY is organised under the honorary patronage of the Consulate General of Republic of Poland in Sydney and with the financial support of Polish Film Institute and the Consulate. The event is also supported by Migration Law Firm and BusinessTax and Money House (Major Sponsors) as well as Hicron, Opal Minded, Tailored Tax Solutions, Benefit Legal and Perfect Contracting (Leadership Sponsors). Full list of partners and sponsors is available on festival website.


  • OPENING NIGHT: FEAST OF FIRE (Święto Ognia) by Kinga Dębska; AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE, Sunday 23 June 4:30pm for 5:00pm start Palace Norton Street
  • DOPPELGÄNGER. THE DOUBLE (Doppelgänger. Sobowtór) by Jan Holoubek; AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE; Wednesday 26 June 6:45pm Palace Central & Saturday 6 July 6:00pm Palace Norton Street
  • SCARBORN (Kos) by Paweł Maślona; AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE, Saturday 29 June 6:00pm Palace Norton Street
  • THE DOG WHO TRAVELLED BY TRAIN (O psie, który jeździł koleją) by Magdalena Nieć AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE, Sunday 30 June 12:30pm Palace Norton Street
  • FILIP (Filip) by Michał Kwieciński; Sunday 30 June 4.00pm Palace Norton Street
  • I AM NOT AFRAID OF DARKNESS (Chopin. Nie boję się ciemności) by Joanna Kaczmarek; NSW PREMIERE; Sunday 13 July 6.00pm Palace Norton Street  
  • BACKWORDS (Śubuk) by Jacek Lusiński; AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE                                 Sunday 14 July 3.00pm Palace Norton Street
  • ULTIMA THULE (Ultima Thule) by Klaudiusz Chrostowski; AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE                  Saturday 20 Jul­­y 6.00pm Palace Norton Street     
  • CLOSING NIGHT: THE IN-LAWS 2 (Teściowie 2) by Kalina Alabrudzińska; AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE, Sunday 21 July 4pm Palace Norton Street

Polish Film Festival in Perth I Sydney

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Polish matches of UEFA Euro 2024 in Bankstown Polish Club

 Hej Polonia! Get ready for some AWESOME news! OPTUS SPORT is coming to broadcast LIVE from the Polish Club this Sunday night at 11PM. We want to show our Polish pride and need YOU to join us.

Dress up in your best Polish sports gear, wave the Polish Flag, get your face painted in our colors, and cheer on our community on LIVE TELEVISION. Optus Sport will be capturing all the action, conducting interviews, and highlighting our passion for Poland in UEFA Euro 2024. So let's make some noise, spread the word, bring all your Polish pals, and let's shine on the big screen together!

The Polish Club in Bankstown will be LIVE streaming all Polish matches of UEFA Euro 2024.  

Poland vs Netherlands - Sunday 16th June at 11PM
Poland vs Austria - Saturday 22nd June at 2AM
Poland vs France - Wednesday 26th June at 2AM

Entry is FREE and FREE tickets can be ordered online at https://polishclub.com.au/euro2024/

Complimentary Tea & Coffee will be available.

Questions? Phone (02) 9708-2433 or email hello@polishclub.com.au

The Polish Club in Bankstown

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Zaproszenie na Światowy Dzień Dziecka



Zapraszamy młodzież i dzieci z rodzicami, do Polskiego Klubu w Bankstown na

niezwykłe spotkanie, w niedzielę, 16 czerwca o 2 po południu.

W programie:

 Wyświetlone zostaną jeden lub dwa odcinki filmu ‘SPELLBINDER’.

Jest to polsko-australijski przygodowy serial telewizyjny dla młodzieży,

który powstał we współpracy Telewizji Polskiej z Filmem Australia.

Zdjęcia do serialu były kręcone zarówno w Australii - Sydney i Góry Błękitne, jak i w Polsce -

Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska.

 Możliwe będzie spotkanie z odtwórczynią głównej roli tego filmu, wówczas

nastoletnią uczennicą, Gosią Piotrowską.

Pani Gosia podzieli się z nami swoją przygodą z filmem oraz odpowie na pytania tak

młodych uczestników spotkania, jak i Rodziców.

 W części drugiej naszej uroczystości głos oddamy uczestnikom. Każdy

będzie mógł popróbować swoich sił, występując na scenie z recytacją

wiersza, z piosenką, lub zagranym utworem muzycznym.

Wszelkich informacji udzielają oraz przyjmują zgłoszenia do występów:

Marianna Łacek: mlacek@optusnet.com.au; tel. 9798 8690 mob. 0401 147 538

Barbara Magolan: bmagolan@hotmail.com: tel. 2625 0254 mob. 0439 413 982

Zapamiętajmy: Niedziela, szesnasty czerwca, godz. 2 po południu,

Klub Polski w Bankstown