piątek, 13 marca 2015

Piknik Polskiej Szkoły w Randwick - zaproszenie

Dear Parents and Friends,

The Polish School of Sydney once again is coordinating a very popular event:

Picnic in the Southern Highlands, Belanglo State Forest

on Sunday 29 March 2015

There will be a b. b. q., Easter Egg Hunt for children, a group photo and all day catching yabbies and of course mushroom picking.  As always the biggest yabby and the biggest mushroom win the prize money. We will be weighing them all day! It is a great opportunity for parents and friends to socialise, so bring your family and friends for a relaxing day out! 


Schedule for the day:

·      We meet at the picnic site at approx. 10.30 am.

·      Lunch is served from about 12.30 to-2.30 pm.

·      Group photo around 2.00 pm. 

·      Biggest catch of the day and Easter Egg Hunt will follow after lunch.


Map of the location is available below as well as from the school’s web and facebook page. 


$12.00 ticket per person, covers Polish sausage on a bun, Polish doughnut and a drink.


The School is only coordinating the picnic, so the responsibility of supervising the children on this day is that of the parents as advised by our Public Liability Insurer.


To purchase a ticket please complete attached form and return it with money to a member of the School Committee.


Warning and Disclaimer!

Some mushrooms are poisonous. The simple rule to observe when picking mushrooms is:

If in doubt, Go without.


Name:    __________________________________________________

Number of people____________   (total number of students, children and adults)

Total cost            ____________    (multiply number of people by $12)

Alicja Batorowicz

PO Box 810 Maroubra NSW 2035
ph:93113723  m:0414313478 


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