poniedziałek, 14 maja 2012

Wanted! Your help on Sunday 20th May

Dear All School Supporters
As you know our school is for non-profit organization. We provide high quality teaching for very reasonable price. To keep it this way; here is a great way you can help The Polish School of Sydney to raise some much needed funds for the school and it is easy and fun too! As in the past, our school will be manning the finish drink station during the 2012 SMH Half Marathon.
The school will receive $30 for every person, no matter how big or small, who registers and helps with passing refreshments to the race participants. It really is that easy! For example,
a four person family will raise $120 for the school. So please come and help! Of all
the fundraising events the school does, this is considered to be the most efficient.
Register by sending email or call: school@polishschool.org.au /0416 032 267

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